Mountain Mayhem Escape Room


You are staying in a mountain hut. You receive a message from the local mountain rescue team saying that they require your assistance in locating a fallen climber. There are some clues to their whereabouts but everything is vague and extremely puzzling.

One hour, one rescue team, one life to save...

A handwritten note left on a car… A huge search area.

The team needs your help but time is of the essence. A severe weather warning has been given for an hour's time. Wind speeds of up to 100mph, lashing rain and zero visibility are forecast. If the casualty is to survive, you have to locate and inform the mountain rescue team of the location before the rescue helicopter can land. Time is critical, can you work as a team and save the stricken climber before it is too late? The climber’s life is in your hands.

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Recent Reviews

  • Great experience we did the escape room in a solid 34 mins nearly breaking the record 10/10 would recommend.

    Kenny - Facebook
  • One of the best escape rooms we have done! Loved it!

    Sarah - Facebook

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